T & C’s for Supply of Goods to Consumers

T & C’s for Supply of Goods to Consumers


Protect your business with clear and fair standard terms and conditions of sale of goods to consumers (except online). Use these business-to-consumer (B2C) terms and conditions for any business in England & Wales that sells goods to consumers other than online. They are designed to be straightforward and comprehensive so that customers know where they stand and needless disputes can be avoided. They cover key issues such as orders, delivery, pricing, payment, guarantees, cancellation, liability and data protection.

When to use:

Use these terms and conditions for sale of goods to consumers when:

  • selling goods to customers not acting in the course of a business (ie consumers)
  • selling from your business premises only
  • selling goods to specification and/or standard goods

You do not need to use these terms and conditions if you offer goods on a daily basis which are sold immediately when the contract is entered into (eg groceries or newspapers).

What this covers:

These terms and conditions cover:

  • supply and contract formation
  • price and specification
  • delivery
  • warranties
  • information which must by law be included in consumer contracts


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