Mirror Will Writing Service

Mirror Will Writing Service


A mirror will is designed for couples such as a wife and husband or those in a civil partnership. Both parties must have similar wishes to make near identical wills. Respective partners will usually become both sole beneficiary and sole executor to each other. In Mirror wills it is essential to add at least one extra executor and beneficiary to each will in order to safeguard the estate in the event that both parties die together. The second executor and beneficiary may be the same person in both wills, or you may choose to have different executors.

When to use:

Use a mirror will when:

· Both parties have similar wishes

· Both parties are either married or in a civil partnership

What this covers:

This Mirror Will covers:

· The appointment of people both parties trust to be their executors to deal with their estate

· Naming the beneficiaries whom both wish to benefit from specific possessions of gifts

· Naming who will benefit from their estate

· Appointing guardians to look after any minor children

Making a Mirror Will with us is easy, simply place your order and a member of our Will writing service team will be in touch. You can choose to complete a Will making questionnaire which we will send you once your order is placed or we can arrange a telephone appointment with one of our Will writers to discuss and create your Will.



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